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Trust Administration

As your Arizona trustee, let us help you realize your dreams

Let me help you realize the dreams for your legacy

For the last fifteen years Diane has served as Trustee, Personal Representative, Health Care Power of Attorney and Durable Power of Attorney for her clients. She is excellent at winding up and settling trusts or estates and distributing the money to the heirs efficiently while minimizing the potential conflicts. Diane has dealt with Swiss bankers and financial institutions around the world, liquidating assets, paying taxes and other expenses, liquidating antiques and art work through appraisal and reputable auction houses and ultimately providing information and distribution to the beneficiaries. An excellent staff of accountants, real estate brokers, and estate sale experts help her. She is currently the nominated Trustee and/or Personal Representative for over 100 clients who have put their trust in her to help them should they need assistance or to handle their estates.┬áSometimes it’s as simple as a client feeling comfortable with calling Diane on the phone with questions and together, working out the issues.

During life, Diane acts as a trustee when assistance is needed

Over the past 20 years Diane has served her clients who need a Trustee to handle their affairs and allow them to remain in their homes. She has taken care of all the arrangements for staff who have come into the homes of her clients who started with minimal household assistance and progress to 24 hour care at home until their passing. In this way, family members have a person to keep them informed and can make quality visits without the responsibility of the day to day care of their loved one. Diane is currently managing a staff of trustworthy women for a client in Sedona who is able to stay in her home and have her meals cooked for her and have companionship to drive her to lunch and shopping and to remain active. This is such a nice alternative. Read more about our In Home Care Services.

After passing, Diane serves as trustee in order to settle the estate

Diane works quickly to settle your Arizona trust or estate, distributing money to heirs, dealing with financial institutions, paying taxes and other expenses, all while minimizing potential conflicts.