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Probate last will and testamentDiane has probably completed more probate actions than any other attorney in the Verde Valley. Her goal is to help the Personal Representative through the maze of paperwork that needs to be filed with the court. She has down to earth suggestions on how to identify the assets, pay the bills, distribute the personal property, and liquidate the assets in a timely way. She also can be the buffer between the Personal Representative and beneficiaries who don’t understand the process so that all things move smoothly.

Probate is a legal process, and is the first step in the administration of an estate of  a deceased person.  Diane can work as the personal representative or executor to resolve claims and distribute property under the terms of the will.  The probated will becomes a legal document that can be enforced by probate court, and as your executor and personal representative, Diane can disperse assets in the manner you desire.  More information about the definition of probate can be found here.