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Legacy Giving

Live On in the Gifts you Give

Diane currently serves as Trustee for a number of trusts which involve the management of the assets after the Trustor’s passing for nonprofit beneficiaries. These Trustors are basically “paying it forward”. It makes tax sense to leave money to charity. Anything over $5 million is taxed at 40% except for what is left to one’s spouse. You may have read about the Gloria and Jim Henderson Trust. Diane and her administrative staff use the sizable endowment to provide art, music and theater to the students of the Verde Valley where, four years ago, there was very little. The income from another trust is used to give vocational education to high school students, such as carpentry, computer graphic design, and plumbing. We now have 40% of the Camp Verde High students taking the cooking/chef classes that are funded by the Alan Benfer Trust.  These happy students are enriching their personal lives with these new found skills and are qualified to obtain meaningful jobs as sous-chefs and other higher level restaurant staff. Read more about the Henderson Trust or Benfer Trust.

Diane says, “In addition to the passion that I feel to serve, I also want to inspire those who haven’t known of the enormous potential they have to leave a legacy that will carry out their passion. It is very rewarding to brainstorm about how to carry out that legacy.”


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