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Estate Planning

Estate Planning WorksheetEstate planning in Arizona is a crucial part of protecting your assets, not just for tax reasons.  It also allows you to direct as much of your life’s savings as possible to the people and projects that are important to you.  Setting up charitable remainder trusts, wills, designations, and powers of attorney are a small portion of what we can help you with.  Diane is especially good at explaining the complexities of Arizona estate planning, and can create a clear, understandable plan for you.

Diane’s philosophy is to help you know what your choices are and to get your documents in order efficiently and professionally. It’s important to protect your assets from probate, if possible, and Diane will talk to you about using beneficiaries on IRAs and using Special Needs Trusts to allow gifts to people receiving disability so that they don’t become disqualified from their monthly government assistance. She prepares living trusts, charitable remainder trusts, Special Needs Trusts and Irrevocable Insurance Trusts.