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The Benfer Trust


benfer4Alan G. Benfer, brother of Gloria Henderson, who so generously established a fund to enrich the Verde Valley public schools with music and art programs, was equally passionate about education. The Alan G. Benfer Fund has been dedicated to supporting vocational programs in the Verde Valley schools since 2009. Dozens of grants have been made to the elementary schools, middle schools, high schools as well as the Boys’ and Girls’ clubs. Some of the programs that have been supported are:

  • Valley Academy for Career and Technology summer program in Cottonwood
  • In-school wood shop
  • Digital arts and media
  • Welding and engineering
  • Jewelry design and crafting
  • Theater workshop
  • Native American history and architecture

The Benfer Fund has also been an enthusiastic supporter of the ever-growing Camp Verde Culinary Arts Program, which has been gaining recognition throughout the state. The Benfer Fund is dedicated to supporting solid vocational programs that lead to successful and satisfying careers.

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