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Diane Prescott photoHello and welcome to our site! I hope that it can be a starting point and a resource to think about what your legacy is, and how you can influence the world with your unique passions and personality.  Let me guide you in your estate planning to include how your gifts can enrich the lives of your children and family and can enrich our world through gifts to your favorite charities.

I have been creating estate plans for my clients since 1990. I’m the only attorney in the area who is also a licensed and bonded fiduciary and a real estate broker. I would be delighted to meet with you and work with you to create the documents that will carry out your wishes.  My experience and qualifications also give you the option to have me serve you by settling your estate as your trustee or personal representative should you wish to have a professional third party administer and distribute your estate with the personal touch that I have become known for in the community.

Over the years I’ve found that institutional trustees can be large impersonal banks whose fees include a percentage of the assets, plus hourly fees.  I take the time to find out about you, your interests and passions, so that I can help guide you in the decision making process.

I have acted as Personal Representative for a number of estates or trusts, dealt with local and international banks, liquidated real estate where necessary, and served as trustee for trusts involving the management of assets for nonprofit beneficiaries. My law office can help you in a variety of services which will allow your legacy to live on.  Click here to discover more about our services, or use the button below to contact us!

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Making a Difference

I wish to share some ideas of how one person’s legacy has enriched the lives of so many.  These clients had a passion.  I have been honored to be the trustee who carries out these amazing programs. Gloria and Jim Henderson provided funds which have been used to teach music and art to so many students who have been thrilled with what they experienced. Alan Benfer’s passion was to provide vocational  training for high school students so they could find employment in a trade after high school.

Have you an idea of how you would like to leave a legacy and how you will live on through your vision?  Let me assist you in creating that legacy.  Let me share with you different ways your vision can become a reality.

Diane Prescott is a remarkable professional, an outstanding human being. You cannot do better than Diane Prescott. We were referred to Diane by friends who engaged her professional services and were delighted.  We asked Diane to revise our Trusts and Estate Planning documents.  Joyfully we found her to be a kindhearted, dedicated and sincere person.  Importantly,  Diane listened thoughtfully and She did not puff or use attorney jargon to impress us. She was experienced, up to date and gave us invaluable information. She focused on our significant concerns and made the process simple for us to understand and manage. From the first meeting she gave us a price and stuck to it. It was unprecedented and it made us respect her all the more.  It is reassuring to know we have an attorney of such noteworthy competence in the Verde Valley.  We had expected to drive to Phoenix for such thorough professionalism. Since our first meeting we have worked with and referred Diane on many occasions.  She does not disappoint. Her work ethic is comprehensive and respected.  We are privileged to know Diane and refer her without reservation.
Al and Helen Wolfe, Sedona, Arizona 2013